State Government’s industry-friendly policy has accelerated the pace of industrialization

State Government's industry-friendly policy has accelerated the pace of industrialization

State government’s industrial policy has led to rapid industrial development in
Chhattisgarh, under which a total of 1751 units of large, medium, mega, micro, and
small industries have been established in the last three years. A total capital
investment of Rs 19,550.72 crore has been made by these industrial groups,
which has created employment opportunities for around 32,912 people.

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the competent leadership of chief minister Bhupesh Baghel and the guidance of
Industries Minister Kawasi Lakhma, a favorable environment for industrial
development and investment has been created in the state, agriculture and
forest produce-based industries have been prioritized, various kinds of
incentives are being provided to the mineral-based industries. Under the new
industrial policy, a special incentive package has been provisioned for the
investment in mega-ultra projects of the steel (sponge iron and steel) sector.

this package, an investment incentive of up to a maximum of Rs 500 crore is being
provided for mega-investment. And an incentive of Rs 1000 crore is being
provided for investment in the Bastar division. Through this special package, State
Government is not only providing discounts, rebates, and facilities for the
investors but has also simplified the procedure of setting up industries in
the state. The land cost for allotment in industrial areas has been reduced by
30 per cent. Land rent has been reduced by one percent. Rules have been made
for the lease-free holding of up to 10 acres of the allotted land in industrial
areas. Industrial land and building management rules have also been simplified.

during the lockdown during Covid crisis, while the entire country was affected
by the economic slowdown, Chhattisgarh’s industrial sector was affected as
well. Despite the challenging circumstances, 8 major industries were set up in
the state, wherein 132 management employees, 409 employees of the skilled category, and 432 employees of the unskilled category are working. These industrial groups have
invested Rs 430.34 crore in these major industries. The 33 medium-scale
industries in the state have 322 employees under management, 868 employees of the skilled category, and 1249 unskilled employees. Nearly, Rs 303.75 crore has
been invested in these medium-scale industries. The four mega category
industries in the state have 387 employees under management, 1635 skilled
employees, and 364 unskilled employees. Around Rs 1,388.80 crore has been
invested in these industries. In the 292 industries of micro industries of the
state, 344 management employees, 707 skilled and 1125 unskilled employees are
working. Rs 130 crore 73 lakh have been invested in the aforementioned
industries. 494 different small-scale industries have 839 employees working in
management besides 1871 skilled and 3415 unskilled employees. Total
capital of Rs 942.62 crore has been invested by these small industries.

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