Shree Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store will now offer 72 per cent discount on medicine prices.

Shree Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store will now offer 72 per cent discount on medicine prices.

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Raipur. The Government of Chhattisgarh started the Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store scheme to ensure the availability of medications at affordable rates. In the second phase, people will now get a discount of 72 per cent on the price of medicines.


Under Raipur Municipal Corporation, the government has got a proposal to give relaxation in MRP up to a maximum of 72 per cent from the service providers. This rate is the highest among the rates received by Raipur Municipal Corporation so far. The increasing popularity of the scheme is not only leading to a large number of service providers coming forward for new medical stores. Rather, competition has also increased among them regarding discounts on the price of medicines.


In the first phase of the Shree Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store scheme, two shops were functioning under Raipur Municipal Corporation. Customers got medicines with up to 62 per cent discount. In the second phase, tenders were invited from service providers for the operation of medical stores near Inter-State Bus Terminal, Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar Hospital, Canal Road, Near Ayurvedic College, Near Rohanipuram Talab, Sheetla Mandir Budha Talab Went. Five service providers participated in this. After the new offers, consumers will now get 10 per cent more benefit in the purchase of medicines.


Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel had launched this scheme with 84 Shree Dhanwantri Generic Medical Stores in the state last October. Under this scheme run by the Urban Administration and Development Department, 188 medical stores will operate in 169 cities of the state in future. It is mandatory to sell 251 generic medicines and 27 surgical products in these medical stores. 


The generic medicines from these medical stores will be from 20 reputed branded companies like Cipla, Alembic, Ranbaxy, Cadila, Pfizer. These medical stores have pain and antipyretic, muscle relaxant, women’s menstrual, pregnancy medicine, allergy, eye, ear, nose, throat disease, heart disease, cold-cough- fever, local and general anaesthesia. Thyroid medicines, antifungal medicines, vitamin tablets and medicines for skin diseases are available.

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