Process of depositing rice in FCI for custom milling has begun in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

Process of depositing rice in FCI for custom milling has begun in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

Raipur: It has been
hardly a week since the process of paddy procurement on support price has
started in the state and the rice millers have already started depositing
Chhattisgarh’s quota of rice in FCI. The process of depositing rice has begun
with Raigarh district, where the Director of Akanksha Rice Mill Sariya deposited
290 quintals of rice to FCI on Monday, December 6. This is probably the first
time in the state that the submission of rice consignment to FCI for custom
milling has started soon after the commencement of paddy procurement on support

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Real-time online entry
is also being done to deposit rice in FCI as per this year’s quota. As a result
of Bhupesh Baghel’s visionary approach and generous decisions, the works of
paddy procurement, uploading of paddy from the societies, and the commencement
of custom milling have started simultaneously. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s
decisions to provide an auto-registration facility to rice millers, to increase
the value of old gunny bags from Rs.18 to Rs.25, and to provide an incentive of
Rs.120 per quintal to rice millers for custom milling have doubled the
enthusiasm of millers. Chhattisgarh Rice Millers Association is united and determined
to honor this generosity of Baghel.

Commencement of rice
deposit process in FCI within a week of starting paddy procurement is actually
the result of the Chief Minister’s far-sighted decisions. Considering the fast pace
of uploading and milling of paddy by rice millers in the state, it seems that
the submission of custom milled rice in FCI godowns would soon begin in all
the districts.

This year, Chhattisgarh
has to deposit 61.65 lakh metric tons of Arva rice to the central pool. To
achieve this goal at the earliest, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has called
upon the rice millers to do quality custom milling work at their highest
capacity and deposit the rice in FCI. He has congratulated the officials of the
Rice Millers Association, Director Akanksha Rice Mill, and the officials of the
Raigarh district administration on starting the collection of custom milling
rice from the Raigarh district. It is noteworthy that 290 quintals of rice
deposited by Akanksha Rice Mill Sariya in FCI Raigarh have been found correct on
the mix indicator test and all other parameters set by the Government of India.

Collector Raigarh Bhim
Singh informed that about 67 rice millers in Raigarh district are preparing to
deposit rice in FCI. Akanksha Rice Mill has completed the milling work for
further deposition of about 150 metric tons of rice, which will be deposited in
FCI in two three days. He said that as per the instructions of Chief Minister Bhupesh
Baghel, the process of paddy procurement, paddy lifting, and custom milling has
been started expeditiously. So far, 30223 metric tons of paddy have been
procured in Raigarh district on support price, against which DO has been issued
for lifting 20580 metric tonnes of paddy. The millers have started loading and
transporting paddy in full swing. So far 4000 metric tonnes of paddy have been
lifted. Akanksha Rice Mill Saria has lifted 258 metric tonnes of paddy so far.

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