Negligence of Apollo Hospital led to death of youth who consumed poison; four doctors arrested

Raipur In a case investigating the demise of Gurveen Chhabda, also known as Goldy, the son of Paramjit Singh Chhabda from Adarsh Colony Dayalband, Apollo Hospital finds itself under scrutiny. The Sarakanda police station received a complaint from the hospital concerning the death of Gurveen Chhabda due to sulphur poisoning on December 26, 2016. An inquiry, initiated under section 174, commenced probing the incident following allegations of negligence in treatment and inadequate care attributed to the Apollo Hospital management and attending physicians. The relatives of the deceased voiced grievances during the investigation, prompting examinations at Sims Hospital for the post-mortem and State Forensic Science Laboratory in Raipur for the seized samples. Reports from the Medical Board of Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences, Bilaspur, brought to light negligence attributed to the Apollo Hospital management and associated doctors during the course of treatment, as confirmed by a team of specialist doctors conducting the investigation. Recently, the Directorate of Forensic Science, part of the Medical Legal Department, received reports from medical legal experts and advisors of the Chhattisgarh government at the Medical College building on Jail Road, Raipur, on September 27, 2023. These reports reiterated the alleged negligence by the doctors and the hospital’s management. Consequently, based on the cumulative investigations, which included post-mortem examinations and specialized reports, it was concluded that the negligence by the Apollo Hospital management in Bilaspur, along with associated doctors, was linked to the unfortunate demise of Goldy Chhabda. In response to allegations, four doctors associated with Apollo Hospital were arrested by Sarakanda Police. However, they have been subsequently released on bail pending further investigations against the hospital’s management. The case remains under investigation as authorities continue to delve into the allegations of negligence leveled against Apollo Hospital’s management and doctors involved in the treatment.

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