More than 11 lakh people reap benefits of MMU in a year

Materialising The Dream of Common People: More than 11 lakh people reap benefits of MMU in a year


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Raipur:It had been the dream of every citizen in Chhattisgarh to get better health system that facilitate them with proper treatment when in need. Like every common citizen of the state, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel himself had dreamt of treatment of every minor and major diseases in the state and nobody should be deprived of better treatment for money.

To materialise this dream of the people as well as his own, the Chief Minister weaved such a plan that the common citizens, including the poor and needy living in slum areas, instead of rushing to the hospital in needget the same facility in the vicinity. The benefits of the Chief Minister’s Slum Health Scheme have been started through the Mobile Medical Unit(MMU). This oneyearold scheme is not only meeting the aspirations of the people, but also winning the trust of every needy. With the increasing influx of mobile medical units in the slum areas and the camps, more than 11 lakh people have reaped benefits of treatmentacross the state within a year.

Mukhyamantri Slum Health Scheme is being implemented in 14 municipal corporations of the state since November 1, 2020. The increasing influx of MMUs and timely camps in the slums have helped the poor and needy families living here to make them healthy not only when they are sick, but also to get their health examined. In this era of inflation, the poor and sick people under financial burden used to shy away from going to the hospital thinking of not having money for treatment or being away from the hospital, but they are now taking advantage of the readily available scheme of Chhattisgarh government. Slum settlements have got a hospital in the form of a MMU with a team of doctors in their street, where medicines and treatment are available free of cost with lab tests.

Treatment of more than 11.35 lakh people done and medicines given to more than 9 lakhpeople


Under the Chief Minister’s Urban Slum Health Scheme, 11 lakh 35 thousand 225 patients have been treated in the state till November 8, 2021 from mobile medical units. Medicines have been distributed to a total of 9 lakh 46 thousand 567 patients. In which 2 lakh 79 thousand 610 patients have been benefited in maximum 4420 camps in Raipur where medicine has been distributed to 2 lakh 53 thousand 610 patients. 14139 patients have been benefited in 2083 camps in Korba, 96458 in 1183 camps in Bilaspur, 81686 in 1187 camps in Durg and 84437 patients in 1183 camps in Rajnandgaon. Similarly, 67121 in 894 camps in Bhilai, 41007 in 595 camps in Risali, 37691 in 589 camps in Bhilai Charoda, 75525 in 1070 camps in Ambikapur, 59830 in 1128 camps in Jagdalpur, 67579 in 1099 camps in Raigarh, 22862 in 493 camps in Koriya, 34862 patients have been benefited in 556 camps at Birgaon. Lab test of a total of 2 lakh 19 thousand 386 patients has also been done.


Overwhelming response to survey on the scheme 

When a feedback poll was conducted by the Urban Administration Department of Chhattisgarh government to know the reality of the implementation of this CM Urban Slum Health Scheme and the benefits being given to the patients unbder it, 93 percent people voted the scheme as excellent and 4.18 percent stamped as successful. A total of 88,885 people’s feedback was received, out of which 82734 chose Abbad Badhiya’ option by pressing the green button. Department has also made arrangements for continuous monitoring for the success of the scheme.


\Increasing participation of women…

Making women empowered and healthy by taking advantage of the schemes of the government has been the priority of the state government. Under the Chief Minister’s Slum Health Scheme, Dai-Didi clinics are being operated for the benefit of women. The participation of women in MMU is also increasing. 16 percent more women have got their treatment than men under the schemeSimilarly, 8 percent children, 38 percent men and 56 percent women have benefited from the Scheme. Similarly, 70 percent of the general poor families and 30 percent of labour and labour families took the benefit of this scheme. The Dai-Didi Clinic operated under the Scheme is the first such scheme in the country in which all the other staff are women. Due to the treatment of women by womendoctors, the scheme is receiving overwhelming response. In Dai-Didi clinics, 60589 women have been benefited in 840 camps.


\Camp at door steps, diseases cured

Mobile Medical Units operated under the Chief Minister’s Slum Health Scheme have started reaching door steps in the state. There are innumerable women including Parvati Bai, Shakuntala, Jayanti Bai, Indira Manwani of Ambikapur, Lalita Gupta, who got treatment in MMU and got cured. All these women wanted to go to the hospital for their treatment, but could not go due to the busy work schedule. When the mobile medical unit operated under the Chief Minister’s Urban Slum Health Scheme and it reached their house, all of them reaped benefits and got cured

The economic burden of the people is being reduced by free medicines and lab tests. Most of the people who come to MMU for treatment said that after visiting a clinic or hospital, many doctors ask them to get various types of tests, including blood or urine, to diagnose the disease. For testing, you have to go through several labs. Financial constraint is there. 41 types of different lab tests are done through MMU. These include blood, stool-urine, sputum, tuberculosis, thyroid, malaria, typhoid etc. The availability of 200 types of medicines is ensured in MMU.


\ 60 more MMU to be added soon

In view of the success of the mobile medical unit and the scheme, preparations have been made for its expansion. At present 60 mobile medical units in 14 municipal corporation areas including 15 in Raipur, 8 in Korba, Bilaspur, DurgRajnandgaon, Raigad, Jagdalpur, 4-4 in Ambikapur, 3 each in Bhilaiand RisaliBhilai CharodaDhamtariBirgaonand 2 each medical units in Chirmiriare operational. Soon, preparations are being made to introduce 60 new mobile medical units in 155 municipal bodies districtwise. Four each in Baloda Bazaar Bhatapara and Raigarhthree each in Raipur, KabirdhamRajnandgaonBalodBilaspur and Koriya, 6 each in Janjgir-ChampaBemetaraDurgMungeliBalrampurSurajpur and Jashpur2 each in Kanker and Dantewada, and one each in Gariaband, Bijapur, KorbaGaurelaPendraMarwahiSurgujaNarayanpurKondagaon and Sukma.

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