IPS officer RK Vij pens his experience down the memory-lane on his retirement

IPS officer RK Vij pens his experience down the memory-lane on his retirement

The journey of my service as an IPS officer, which had begun on 25 August 1988,  from Mussoorie, came to an accomplishment on 31Dcember 2021.  This long sojourn, filled with myriads of experience, has given a new meaning to both my personal and professional life.  My long tenure as an IPS officer has played a vital role in the expansion of my capacities and my passion to help the common people, especially the victims.    

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During my 33 years of service, I have seen many changes in the police and society. During this period the people’s expectations from the police have gone up sky high. Simultaneously the ever-increasing people’s expectation has also contributed to making the police all the more responsible.  Now getting the copy of the FIR is simply a click away, for which earlier the individuals had to toil and face all kinds of hurdles and oddities, unnecessarily. Similarly, the activities of police lock-up are also under the vigilance of CCTV, which were earlier always under suspicion. The days of police excesses are no longer there. Even the investigation has become high-tech, as the policemen are using computers also along with sticks and guns.  

Many new laws have also been enacted for the deprived and down-trodden, which were necessary also. Police have become more compassionate towards children, women, and the weaker section.     

In Chhattisgarh, the police have taken many steps to tackle the Naxal menace. The influence of Maoist outfits is diminishing. The sacrifice of the state police and security forces cannot be forgotten in an attempt to restore peace in the Bastar, which was earlier the hot-bed of Maoism.      

Now the police have to further improve its functioning, to minimize the incidents of misbehaving with the common people.  The police have to improve its overall image and paint it as more compassionate particularly towards the weaker section. The police should also extend a helping hand to those, who are in need. A small share of their salary can also be accumulated for this noble initiative.  This service will not only improve the morale of the police but will also give them an immense sense of satisfaction. During my tenure, I always tried to abide by the rules and perform within the periphery of the prescribed disciple. I expect the same from my juniors also that they should also perform their constitutional duty.

I pay my salute to the holy  land of Chhattisgarh, where I  spent most of my service period.”

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