‘Hamar Aspatal’ a boon to the healthcare services in the city.

'Hamar Aspatal' a boon to the healthcare services in the city.

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Raipur. Four ‘Hamar Aspatal’ of Raipur are significantly improving the healthcare services in the capital city. These hospitals equipped with various modern facilities have had 30,000 OPDs and 200 institutional deliveries in the last three months. In collaboration with the National Health Mission, the Urban Community Health Center at Gudhiyari and the Urban Primary Health Centers at Rajatalab, Bhathagaon, and Bhanpuri have been upgraded as ‘Hamar Aspatal’ last year. Health Minister T.S. Singhdeo had inaugurated ‘Hamar Aspatal’ (Hospital Services) in March-2020 at Gudhiyari and in November-2020 at Rajatalab, Bhathagaon and Bhanpuri.


The hospitals have OPD services available from 8 am to 8 pm and a modern lab. Patients can get 150 kinds of medicines in these hospitals for free of cost. In the last seven months, a total of 1611 people have availed the eye-checkup facility in the four ‘Hamar Aspatal’ (hospitals) of the city. In the same duration (i.e. from April to October 2021), as many as 1188 people have availed of dental treatment, and 320 patients have availed of the X-ray facility at Gudhiyari ‘Hamar Aspatal’. Hospitals in Rajatalab and Gudhiyari have also started offering the facility of Sonography from August this year. Other Hamar Aspatal (hospitals) also have facilities for Dentistry, sonography and X-ray. 


A total of 335 children got the Hepatitis-B vaccine, 282 children received Vitamin-K supplements, and 405 children have been given BCG vaccine and Oral Polio Vaccine in the last seven months under the routine immunization programme. In three months, 8709 people have availed treatment in Gudhiyari ‘Hamar Hospital’, 8687 at the OPD of Rajatalab, 7143 in Bhanpuri, and 5441 at Bhathagaon.  In the same duration, 77 women in Gudhiyari ‘Hamar Hospital’, 53 in Rajatalab ‘Hamar Hospital’, 38 in Bhanpuri ‘Hamar Hospital’ and 35 in Bhathagaon ‘Hamar Hospital’ have availed the institutional delivery services.

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