CM Bhupesh Baghel launches ‘Gauthan Map’ mobile app for Gauthan management

CM Bhupesh Baghel launches 'Gauthan Map' mobile app for Gauthan management

Chhattisgarh chief minister Bhupesh Baghel has launched ‘Gauthan Map’ for
management of state-run Gauthans (Gauthan Multi-Activity and Livelihood
Management) mobile app in a programme organized at his residence office today.

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the details of cow dung procurement, Gauthans, pasture along with the
information about activities of self-help groups, infrastructure will be made
available on this app at a single click.

in-house app developed by CHIPs will have a database of all the Gauthans
operated across the state. This Gauthan-wise database will include the details
of resources, activities, beneficiaries, and services available in the Gauthans.
Digital mapping of Gauthans will be done through geo-tagging to keep the
account of the resources of Gauthans. A database of various activities
conducted by Self Help Groups will be prepared in each Gauthan. This framework
will enable accurate monitoring of key indices of Gauthans.

this app, a Gauthan-centric database will be available for a robust digital
evaluation mechanism for both Gauthan committees and self-help groups for the
state government. This database will help in planning future activities in
Gauthans. Through monitoring the trend and performance of income-generating
activities in Gauthan, new sources of livelihood will be identified, which will
help in increasing the income of the stakeholders and there will be scope for
planning and promotion of micro-industry.


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