‘Chhattisgarhiya Sabale Badiya’, trends on Social Media on Chhattisgarh Foundation Day.

'Chhattisgarhiya Sabale Badiya', trends on Social Media on Chhattisgarh Foundation Day.

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Raipur. On the 22nd foundation day of Chhattisgarh state formation today, the hashtag Chhattisgarhiya Sabale Badiya was trending at number one in the entire country on social media.

People congratulated each other on the state foundation day with this hashtag on Twitter. Users adopted the hashtag while posting on the development and achievements in the state in 21 years. After the Covid crisis, this year the State Foundation Day is being celebrated in Chhattisgarh with pomp. The National Tribal Dance Festival and a seminar on former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and former Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel occurred in combination with the Rajyotsava. The event began on 28 October and culminated with the state decoration ceremony on 1 November.

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