CGPSC Exam: High Court Chief Justice says how were the relatives of officials and politicians selected?

The High Court of Chhattisgarh on Wednesday heard the recent recruitments in the CGPSC. The petitioner’s lawyer, Advocate Sanjay Kumar Agrawal, requested amendments in the petition and discussed making changes to certain facts. The case will now be heard on October 5.
During the hearing of the case, selected candidates submitted intervention applications. Their lawyers argued that appointments for five candidates have already been made, so it would not be appropriate to stop the appointments. The court has, however, kept their appointments subject to the outcome of this case. It has also put a hold on the appointments for the remaining list.
\Not the Chairman of PSC, but the Sarpanch’s son
During the hearing, it also came to light that the Nitesh Singh, who was referred to as the son of the PSC Chairman Taman Singh Sonwani, is actually the son of Rajesh, the Sarpanch. Chief Justice expressed displeasure with the petitioner’s lawyer upon hearing this. Similarly, an intervention application was also submitted by Pragya Nayak.

\Now the hearing will take place on October 5.
The government’s lawyer requested time during the case and informed the court that the state government is monitoring the matter. An inquiry into the appointments is also underway. The Advocate General is currently absent, and a detailed response will be presented once he returns.

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\Nanaki Ram Kanwar files petition
The High Court has accepted the petition of MLA Nanaki Ram Kanwar regarding recent recruitments in the CGPSC. The court has raised questions about how the selection of officers and the children of politicians and their relatives has taken place, including the Deputy Collector and DSP positions.
Kanwar, in his petition, raises questions about irregularities and corruption in the recruitment process, stating that many talented and deserving students have been ignored. He also alleges that officers’ relatives have been given favorable positions, which has adversely affected other candidates who have been given lower positions.

\Questions raised about these positions and appointments
In his petition, MLA Nanaki Ram Kanwar questions the appointments of several relatives, including the son and daughter of government officials and politicians, to positions such as Deputy Collectors and DSPs in CG-PSC.
Kanwar questions the recruitment process, alleging irregularities and corruption, and claims that deserving candidates have been overlooked. He also raises concerns that the children of officers and politicians have been given lucrative positions, which has had a negative impact on other candidates who have been given lower-ranking positions.
\Chairman’s close relatives and their selection
Chief Justice expressed concern about the selection of close relatives of PSC Chairman and leaders. He questioned whether all these appointments have been made. The division bench has called for a halt to their appointments.
\Chairman’s son’s surname hidden
According to the allegations in the filed petition, the list of appointments for PSC Chairman Taman Singh Sonawani’s five relatives was submitted. It includes the appointment of his son Nitesh as Deputy Collector, with his surname concealed. His daughter-in-law Nisha Kosle has also been appointed as Deputy Collector. His elder brother’s son Sahil has been appointed as DSP, with his surname also concealed. His brother’s daughter Deepa Ajgale has been made the District Excise Officer, and his sister’s daughter Sunita Joshi has been appointed as Labor Officer.
\These appointments have been criticized
Advocate General Sumit Dhruv, who is the relative of the PSC Chairman, has been appointed as Deputy Collector. Neha Xalxo, the daughter of Governor’s Secretary Amrit Xalxo, has been appointed as Deputy Collector. His son Nikhil Xalxo has also been appointed as Deputy Collector. Sakshi Dhruv, the daughter of D.I.G. Dhruv, who was involved in Bastar Naxal operations, has been appointed as Deputy Collector.
Pragya Nayak, the daughter of Congress leader’s OSD, has been appointed as Deputy Collector. Prakhar Nayak, the son of Congress leader’s OSD, has also been appointed as Deputy Collector. Ananya Agrawal, the daughter of senior Congress leader, has been appointed as Deputy Collector. Shashank Goyal, the son-in-law of Congress leader Sudhir Katiyar, has been appointed as Deputy Collector. His daughter Bhoomika Katiyar has also been appointed as Deputy Collector.
\This list has been released.
BJP spokesperson Gaurishankar Shrivas tweeted the live streaming of the CG-PSC case after the hearing in the High Court and Chief Justice’s strong stance. In it, he wrote that the Chhattisgarh High Court has put a hold on the appointment of 18 positions in the CGPSC 2021 recruitment scam, targeting the state government and CGPSC Chairman Taman Singh Sonwani.

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