T S Singhdeo gives an ultimatum to the Dean, Superintendent of Raigarh Medical College.

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Chhattisgarh Health Minister T S Singhdeo gave an ultimatum to the Dean and the Superintendent of Raigarh Medical College during his visit to the district on Monday. He gave them 15 days to shift the medical college to the new building, or they will get shifted from here. The Health Minister was in Raigarh on his second leg of the state tour to review departmental work and take feedback from the people. 

Talking to the media at the Circuit House, he said that factionalism is never in the party’s interest. 

He further said that the central government is misleading the people on the issue of diesel and petrol. Petroleum products have two types of taxes – the Central Government’s excise duty, cess and VAT. The state government levies the VAT. The state governments get their share of 42 per cent from the excise duty, and the centre has reduced it, which is a loss for the states. Now state governments are being advised to reduce VAT.

The Health Minister said that five generations of his family have been with the Congress with heart and mind. “We are called members of the royal family, and the Congress government has taken our palace by bringing laws. We were landowners, this Congress brought the law of ceiling. I was a trader of tendu leaves. In the Kharsia by-election, Arjun Singh announced that it was nationalised. Even after all this, we are in Congress, so today, we cannot leave Congress for one small thing. It cannot happen.” said Singhdeo while indicating the battle for the chair. 

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