NTPC and displaced villagers dispute – Over five states may lose electricity.

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Power generation is in danger at NTPC Lara, located in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh. Villagers have blocked the way to dispose of fly ash from the power plant. For about 20 days, the displaced people are staging demonstrations in Lara and nearby villages. NTPC management says that if the disposal is not done, then power generation will have to be stopped within a week. Due to this, a power crisis may arise in five states, including Chhattisgarh.
There has been a dispute between NTPC and the land displaced from Lara Project for almost seven years. Once again, the villagers have become agitated. The road of Ashdike passing through Kandagarh has been closed since May 16. The villagers have dug a pit of 4-5 feet and dumped the debris at the gate of Rakhar Dyke in Kandagarh. Since then, there were frequent meetings between the management and the villagers, but the result did not come out.
The coal-fired ash comes out through conveying in the boiler of the plant to generate electricity. Every day 12 thousand metric tonnes of fly ash is generated from Lara. Till May 16, 6 thousand metric tonnes were being sent to Odisha every day for the work of the National Highway. Now the NH is also closed. The villagers have now blocked the road. Although a temporary small dyke has been built in the same village, that too will be filled in a week.
NTPC Lara produces 1600 MW of electricity. In this, 800 MW of power is sent to Chhattisgarh and 800 MW to states like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Daman, and Diu. When NTPC Lara stopped giving 800 MW of power to Chhattisgarh last month, a crisis arose. Now the problem of fly ash can deepen. At present, the NTPC management is looking to the administration for help.
The land displaced from NTPC Lara is continuously demanding jobs. After all the protests and demonstrations, 16 days ago, NTPC management took out vacancies for 22 posts. It includes posts like ITI, Electrician & Fitter, Assistant General Trainee, Lab Assistant, Diploma Engineer Electrical & Mechanical. Even before this, recruitment was done for 79 posts. Most of the posts in the vacancy that have been removed are of reserve quota.

However, the management has asked only the land displaced to apply. On the other hand, the agitators are demanding that all of the displaced should get jobs. For the last six years, the administration, NTPC and the affected have been meeting. Affected people say that jobs were promised while taking the land. At the same time, the management says that it is a central government undertaking, and the job will be available only under the provision. The job offer in franchisee or contract mode is not acceptable to the displaced.
DM RA Kuruvanshi says that they have been demanding jobs for the land-displaced for a long time. The matter is still complicated. However, talks will be held between the NTPC management and the agitators regarding the closure of the fly ash dam. Power generation will not be affected; the matter will get resolved soon.
NTPC PRO Bishnu Sahu says that the dam where the fly ash is disposed of in Kandagarh has been closed by the agitators since May 16 by digging a pit and adding debris. We have made temporary arrangements, but that arrangement cannot last long. Power production will be affected, a crisis may arise after a week.

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