IG Ratan Lal Dangi ordered an investigation into mass coal theft from a mine.

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Hundreds of men and women gathered to steal coal from the mine. After watching the viral video of the incident, IG Ratan Lal Dangi directed the investigation into it.

The viral video is of the Gevra/Deepka mine located in the Korba district of SECL. In the video, hundreds of men and women are seen digging coal and carrying it in sacks. Bilaspur Range IG Ratan Lal Dangi has taken cognizance of the same. He has given instructions for its investigation. The Investigating Officer Anti Crime and Cyber ​​Unit Bilaspur is the Investigating Officer. Investigating officers will verify the location in that viral video.
As per the instructions issued by the IG, the investigating officer will examine why the personnel of central security forces deployed in large numbers are unable to stop the people from entering the mine and carrying coal. They will analyze the coordination between the central security forces and the district police force deployed in SECL. Past reports of coal theft by the ACCL management in the police stations and information about police action on that.

Apart from this, who are the kingpins who bought the stolen coal, and to whom are they selling it further? The IG has given instructions to investigate this also. He has also sought information about the necessary steps to prevent theft in future in the investigation report.

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