Exclusive: This Kutru village couple safeguards cow dung every night

Raipur: While the idea of safeguarding over cow dung might sound quite unusual and weird, it is true. Manturam, a resident farmer of the district Bijapur’s Kutru, watches over cow dung every night along with his wife. He told this to the chief minister during the meet and greet programme held in Kutru village of Bijapur district.

“Earlier, people were not interested in cow dung. However, now with the commencement of Godhan Nyay Yojana, everyone has their eyes on it. I watch over cow dung every night with the help of a torch and my wife also assists me in this job. I sell cow dung under this ambitious scheme”, Manturam told chief minister.

He added that he has sold about 14,000 kg of cow dung worth about Rs 28,000. According to him, A few days ago, some people had stolen cow dung that he had collected. After this incident, he had decided that he would safeguard the cow dung every night along with his wife.

Safeguarding cow dung in shifts with wife

Manturam guards cow dung each night. His wife also helps him in doing so. He says that it’s not possible to stay awake all night. That is why he and his wife oversee the cow dung in two shifts throughout the whole time.

Why does cow dung need supervision? Manturam replied that he guards the cow dung with a torch to keep off people who might take it away. Since cow dung has acquired monetary value, it has become necessary to protect it. One day, some people stealthily took away the cow dung he had stored. After that, he has been keeping an eye on the cow dung.

Got his house repaired from the money obtained from the Godhan Nyay Scheme:

Manturam Kashyap said that he owns a total of 15 cows and buffaloes. Till now he has earned about Rs 28,000 by selling cow dung as per the Godhan Nyay Scheme. He said that there was seepage in his building that he wanted to get repaired for a long time. He has now repaired his home after receiving money from selling cow dung. There is no seepage now and he has also got his walls plastered.

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