Bhupesh Baghel says, ‘Not a single branch can be cut in Hasdeo without T S Singhdeo’s approval’.

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On Tuesday, putting a rest to the ongoing attack and counter-attacks on cutting of trees in Hasdeo forest areas of Surguja district for coal excavation, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that T S Singhdeo is an MLA of the area, and if he does not want to, not even a single branch will be chopped.
Those who try to create a dispute in the area will be identified and punished. If someone dares to use firearms, they will be ‘shot at’ first, the chief minister made it clear while talking to the media.
On Monday, T S Singhdeo had met the people protesting tree felling and mining in Hasdeo Aranya and told them that he is willing to take the first bullet in his chest if the situation arises here, said the Chief Minister.
Reacting to BJP’s press conference on Hasdeo, the Chief Minister said that the BJP is silent on the issue; they should make their stand clear. The Central government designed all the rules. Environment Act and Forest Act are with the Centre. The Centre has the right to grant permission for mining. Why do agitators not demand from the Centre? Why is Brijmohan Agrawal not writing to the Centre seeking cancellation of mining?

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