TS Singhdeo’s big statement on the coal projects of Udaipur region, no new mines.

Surguja. Villagers have been holding dharnas in the Surguja district’s Udaipur development block for more than 200 days. To safeguard the trees, they are demanding that the coal mines be shut down. TS Singhdeo, a government minister and local MLA, has made a significant declaration. The protesters are relieved by this declaration. There won’t be any new mines opening in the Udaipur region, as per T S Singhdeo. He has also discussed this with the Chief Minister.On this serious topic, Minister TS Singhdeo held a press conference at his residence Kothi Ghar.

In the press conference, he made it crystal clear that the government supports the villagers’ demands.The local villagers advocate for the preservation of the region’s forests and rivers. This movement has grown significantly as a result of the severe environmental harm that the mine’s opening has brought about. The Chief Minister and I have already spoken about him in this regard. The CM once more concurred on this matter during a phone conversation today.

According to the Minister, the majority of the villagers oppose the mines’ opening. Therefore, new mines won’t be starting up right now. Whatever procedure is in place for this, it will be carried out.Administration and business concerns have caused the current mines to cease operations. The shutdown of the present mine, according to some villagers, has left them without employment. It has therefore been determined to take into account both factors. However, the process of starting new mines has been halted.

The aim of the Chhattisgarh administration regarding the opening of mines in the Udaipur region has now become evident following this declaration by the Health Minister. Government efforts to establish new mines will cease. But the mines that are already operational will remain so. Nearly the same thing is desired by the local residents. As a result of the villagers’ unambiguous declaration that they are not opposed to the mine’s opening. The opposition opposes tree cutting, but if no new mines are opened, there won’t be any reason to do so.


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