RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat unveils life-size statue of DilipSingh Judeo


RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Monday unveiled the life-size statue of former BJP leader and Jashpur royal family member Dilip Singh Judeo.

Not only Jashpur royal family of Jashpur but also people from Odisha and Jharkhand reached Jashpur in large numbers to witness the occasion.

Bhagwat unveiled the statue amidst Vedic chants and paid floral tributes. Addressing the public meeting organized at RanjitaStadium on the occasion of Tribal Pride Day, the Sangh chief described Bhagwan Birsa Minda and Dilip Singh Judeo as the ideal of Indian society. Bhagwat described it as a proud moment. 

Emphasizing on the origin of Tribal Pride Day, the Sangh chief said that Indian culture originated and progressed from forests and fields and barns. Bhagwat said that on coming to Jashpur, he felt familiarity with his home Chandpur (Maharashtra).

Recalling some of his meetings with Dilip Singh Judeo, he said that Judeo was a fearless personality of a heroic nature. Judeo’shomecoming campaign is a symbol of tribal pride. Birsa Mundaalso had the same feeling of love for the nation and culture. He fought a historic struggle for tribal pride. Bhagwat expressed the need to incorporate the forgotten feelings of the present society’s own civilization, religion and rituals through the Ramayana context and the short stories of the Panchatantra. Just as Jamwant had reminded Bajrang Bali of his unmatched strength for the cause of Ram, similarly today once again everyone needs to wake up for the cause of Ram. 

Giving advice to take pride in one’s religion and culture, the Sangh chief said that tribal pride is the root of the Indian way of life. Like Judeo and Bhagwan Birsa Munda, everyone will have to come forward and become a participant in increasing the faith of the society on their religion and culture. 

Ranvijay Singh Judeo, a member of the Jashpur royal family, during the vote of thanks, expressed his gratitude to all the guests and the crowd who reached the venue for the unveiling of his statue, as well as expressing the need to widely publicize Judeo’s works across the country.

Former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh expressed special thanks to those who approved the installation of Dilip Singh Judeo’s statue in Jashpur and Kunkuri during their tenure and named the Kelo Dam of Raigarh as self.

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