On September 9, two new districts will get added to the map of Chhattisgarh.

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From the afternoon of September 9, the total number of districts in Chhattisgarh will rise to 33. First, the Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur district will be formed, followed by Sakti a few hours later. Grand celebrations may take place in Manendragarh and Sakti.
The presence of the Speaker of the Assembly, Dr Charandas Mahant, is a requirement for the inauguration ceremony of the Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur and Sakti districts. With this mandatory presence, the Chief Minister will inaugurate the new Manendragarh district at around 11 a.m., followed by the Sakti district at 2 p.m.
In an unbalanced partition, Koriya is splitting into a new district, Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur. After this, Koriya will have only two districts. The issue also exists in the newly formed Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur. Chirmiri has long sought district headquarters. However, because the demand has not been met, a death fast has been declared beginning September 8. The committee demanding the headquarters in Chirmiri has declared September 9 to be “Black Day.”

For Manendragarh, this is a moment of celebration. Manendragarh has a 35-year history of conflict over the district headquarters. During Digvijay’s reign, the Koriya district was established, but the issue flared up again, and the movement became violent when the district headquarters was moved to Baikunthpur. Dr RC Singhdeo is the man responsible for Baikunthpur becoming the district headquarters. There is an anecdote about the violent movement of that time. According to legend, when the state transport buses got destroyed during the violent agitation, the then-Chief Minister, instead of changing the district headquarters’ decision, said, “I have many more buses; I will send them too.”

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