Disturbances in dung purchase in Raipur: Collector sends notice to two officers.

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Dr Sarveshwar Bhure, the new Raipur Collector, is focused on the government’s flagship Godhan Nyay scheme. He reviewed the work under this scheme at the Collectorate meeting on Tuesday. In some cases, the officers were negligent because there was no monitoring. The Collector has issued notices to such officers and bluntly told everyone not to do any kind of negligence in the scheme.

He disliked the disruption in the purchase of cow dung and the slow pace of the vermicomposting work. He has served notices on the Abhanupar SADO and the Champa RAEO. This show cause notice serves as a warning to the officers.
During the meeting, the Collector mentioned that cow dung should be procured continuously based on the arrival of the Gauthans. He cautioned that receipt of a complaint of non-procurement will invite action against the concerned in charge of cow dung in Gauthans. In many Gauthans, the Collector got furious over the purchase of less than the required quantity of cow dung and also took information from the officials about the empty vermi tank made in the Gauthans. On receipt of negligence, notices were given to HC Sahu, Senior Agricultural Development Officer of Abhanpar development block and Amit Lakra, Rural Agricultural Extension Officer of Tilda-Champa.

The Raipur Collector has now issued orders to expand the purchase of cow dung in the district’s Gauthans. He said that in a month, it (purchase) should be increased by 10 per cent from the present situation. The Col asked to give priority to small and poor farmers in the purchase of cow dung. Apart from this, he ended the meeting by saying to review the status of selling it again to become vermicompost.

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