Congress has been hatred towards RSS: Dr Manmohan Vaidya


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarkayawah DrManmohan Vaidya took a jibe at the Congress’ Bharat JodoYatra (BJY) in response to a tweet of the political outfit criticizing the Sangh. Dr Vaidya said that the forefathers of the present generation of Congress had been doing the same.However, the Sangh continues to grow because of its principles.

The meeting which the Sangh was holding in Raipur for the last three days aimed at this principle only. BJP National President JP Nadda was present in this meeting. 

More than 250 prominent people from 36 organizations of the country working under the ideology of the Sangh were present in this meeting. 

Sangh chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat, who attended the meeting, discussed with all the organizations of the country. It was decided that in the coming days, work should be done on some positive changes in the country. There is also talk of Hindutvacurriculum in school and colleges of the country. Sangh’s SahaSarkaryawah Dr Manmohan Vaidya said that it was decided in the meeting that Hinduism should be taught in the Vidyapeethsof the country. He said that if there is study on Hindutva in US and UK, then it should be done here too.

In response to Hindutva, Dr Vaidya, said that if nation means society, then society is Hindu here, Rabindranath Tagore had said one thing. He saw unity in diversity and this is the religion lying in the heart of India. 

Dr Vaidya said about the yatra that it is a good thing if anyone does the work of connecting India. But India is identified on the basis of Indian spirituality, work should be done to connect India with the spirit of Hindutva. If you connect on the basis of hatred, how will India be connected? 

Before the start of the meeting, on September 10, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel had said that the people of the Sangh are holding a meeting here and he would like to inviteMohan Bhagwat and his associates to see Gothans as they talk about cow service. He also invited them to visit Kaushalya Mata temple during his media interaction. When asked by the media about this invitation, Dr Vaidya replied, “Where was the invitation sent, how was the invitation sent, we did not get it.”

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