Chief Minister was furious at the Collectors Conference; he said – I should not get complaints about bad roads.

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The Chief Minister expressed displeasure over the works of the Revenue and Public Works Department on the second day of the ongoing Collectors’ Conference at New Circuit House, Raipur. During the review of the roads, the Chief Minister said to make the roads pothole free by December this year. If I go on tour now, I should not get complaints.

The Chief Minister issued strict orders to repair the bad roadways as soon as possible. He requested that 6 thousand 181 kilometres of routes be patched and repaired immediately. He said that the roads would be pothole-free by December this year, as promised. There is no shortage of funds for road repairs. The Chief Minister said that the collector should monitor the repair of bad roads. There should be no compromise on the quality of roadways. The Chief Minister even said that now I will not discuss this subject again. I should not get complaints about the roads.

Earlier, he also expressed displeasure over the functioning of the Revenue Department. He has warned the officials about the complaints of people not getting their work done on time. He warned the officers who did not complete the people’s work within the time limit. The Chief Minister has directed that all pending transfer cases must be resolved within the time frame specified.

After that, he asked all the collectors to check the tehsils regularly. Even the divisional commissioners have to inspect the tehsils. He stated that the revenue cases should get resolved within the time frame. Citizens should not suffer due to delays in revenue matters. Allot one day a week for the convenience of the villagers. Review work and expedite work.

Earlier, while reviewing tourism, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel had said that tourism will increase with residential arrangements. In such a situation, make arrangements for the tourists to stay overnight in tourist places. For this, it is necessary to have good hotels there. After a detailed review of the works related to the Ram Van Gaman tourism circuit, he also directed to addition of hotels to it. There was discussion regarding the state’s water bodies as tourist destinations.

In the meeting, CM has also given instructions regarding Gauthan committees. He said that many farmers have taken loans but did not get vermicompost, ensuring that such farmers reach the compost. Apart from paddy, the use of vermicompost is to be encouraged in other crops.

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