90% of students will get jobs in CG: With studies in polytechnic and ITI, a job is now guaranteed; Tata will provide classes, and the state government will provide land.

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The state government has joined hands with the country’s renowned company Tata to eliminate unemployment. From the next session, Tata will open its workshops in all 47 polytechnics and 186 ITIs in the state. There will be short and long-term courses. Tata will also hire 90% of the students who complete the course. The students will receive the same training as the type of demand in large industries. Tata will issue certificates to all students completing the course. The state government and Tata signed a Memorandum of Understanding on this subject.

Certificate courses are available in both short and long terms. Students can study courses for up to a year beginning at 3,4,5 months. After completion, admission to further studies in the same course will be available. Experts of TATA are preparing the entire syllabus on a different pattern.

Students will be more concerned with practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. Tata will appoint experts to conduct the research. College teachers will only teach prescribed courses. Students must now study at whatever time, and studies are set in the college. Apart from that, Tata’s courses will require extra time. Interested students will take the Tata course. Ninety per cent of students who complete the Tata course will find work. Many multinational corporations collaborate with Tata. Tata will not only hire students locally but will also place them in international companies.

The government will give Tata 10,000 square feet of land in each ITI, polytechnic, and engineering college for three years. Tata will construct the pre-structure of its workshop on this land. In case of non-renewal, Tata will vacate the property.

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