Tribal artists portrayed their love for nature through Karma dance performance

Tribal artists portrayed their love for nature through Karma dance performance

National Tribal Dance Festival organized by the state government in Raipur is
an important platform featuring the primitive civilization-culture-traditions.
Through this platform, people are getting a glimpse of tribal cultures across
the world and learning about the importance of environment conservation.

the importance of nature, on the second day in the National Tribal Dance
Festival, a dance competition was organized on traditional festivals, rituals,
harvesting, agriculture, and other traditional practices. In this competition,
artists from Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar performed Karma dance. Folk
dancers from the state of Bihar staged an attractive performance of Karma dance
with peacock feathers. In Bihar, this dance is performed at festivals such as

the artists from Uttar Pradesh performed Karma dance in the honor of Lord
Karma. In Uttar Pradesh, Karma dance is performed to the beat of drums and
applause by men and women, as they move around a tree.  Karma dance is a way to worship Mother Earth
and the five elements of nature, the deity of forest wealth. Like Bihar and
Uttar Pradesh, the artists of Chhattisgarh also performed the captivating Karma
dance on the beat of the drum.

artists were dressed in traditional attire and peacock feathers. They brought
to life the scene of the forest and the mutual symbiosis of wildlife and man on
stage. In Chhattisgarh as well, Karma dance is performed to worship nature.
This performance gave the message of saving the environment.

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