The “Nijat” campaign run by SP Rajnandgaon Santosh Singh is getting much support from the people.


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The“Nijat” campaign started by the Superintendent of Police Rajnandgaon Santosh Singh. Under which a campaign of action and awareness against Narcotics/Drugs and Illegal Drugs was launched. The campaign mainly consists of three points 1) widespread public awareness, 2) police action and 3) help in counseling and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Rajnandgaon Police is publicizing it through banner posters, hoardings and wall-painting, short movies with rap songs and social media. By taking police action against narcotics/drugs and illegal intoxicants in the district, during the campaign “Nijat”, 1154 cases of Excise Act were registered in Rajnandgaon district in the last 04 months in which 6362 liters of country and English liquor costing Rs.91,40,548/- was recovered. The police arrested 1200 accused. Similarly, in 15 cases of NDPS Act, 405.628 kg of ganja worth about Rs 20,30,000/- was recovered, apart from this, a total of 67 motorcycles and 14 four wheelers have been confiscated in the above cases. In the above cases, big smugglers of ganja and liquor were also sent to jail. This campaign is making an effective contribution in the fight against illegal drug addiction, which is a crime as well as a social evil.

Under the direction of Superintendent of Police Santosh Singh, counseling of drug addicts is underway in all police stations/posts. People addicted to drugs are called to the police station. This campaign is now having a huge impact and people are now joining the police. After this, those who are intoxicated and are not able to quit even after counseling, they get professional counseling, and are sent to drug de-addiction center or hospital for medical treatment in serious cases.

During his posting in Koriya, Santosh Singh had started a campaign against illegal drugs, which had very fruitful results. Drug trade was curbed as well as happiness returned to hundreds of youth freed from drugs and their families.

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