Order issued regarding holiday in scorching heat.

Schools closed in Chhattisgarh from April 24: Order issued regarding holiday in scorching heat.

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All confusion regarding summer vacation. The School Education Department made it clear on Thursday evening that from April 24, along with children, teachers will also have a holiday. For this, the department has issued a separate order.

In an order issued by the School Education Department on Wednesday evening, it was said that in view of the scorching heat in the state, the government has decided that summer vacation should be started in all government and private schools from April 24. Students who want to come to school voluntarily will be called for assessment on April 25. After that the schools will open for the next academic session on June 15.

This order of summer vacation will be applicable to all government and private schools. Nothing was said for teachers in this order. Because of this, the teacher community was upset. Many people were inquiring about this from teacher organizations and the school education department. On Thursday evening, the School Education Department issued a separate order. This order is also applicable to all government teachers.

The School Education Department has made it clear that during the summer vacation also, teacher training and administrative work can go on.

Earlier, the Education Department had decided to reduce the summer vacation. An order was issued in February. The current academic session will continue till 30 April 2022 instead of 31 March 2022. After this, the classes of the new academic session will run for 14 days. After that there will be a summer vacation of 32 days from May 15 to June 15. Earlier, there was a provision of 46 days of summer vacation. It was to start from May 1 and run till June 15.

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