Local and regional Products to be sold at Railway Stations.

Local and regional Products to be sold at Railway Stations.

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Raipur. Keeping in view the wide reach and importance of railways, with the objective of popularizing local products across the country, the government announced the “One Station-One Product” scheme in the Union Budget for 2022-23. Under this scheme, stalls in railway stations will sell the area specific products. With the establishment of product stalls, the passengers landing there will easily know about the special products of that place. Under this scheme, local products will get promotion. Bilaspur station in South East Central Railway has been selected for this scheme.

Under this scheme, stalls for the sale of bell metal artifacts manufactured by Dhokra Arts have been made available in platform no. 01 at Bilaspur station of the division, which will start from March 25, 2022. This stall will be started on a pilot basis for 15 days under the pilot project scheme. Various types of artifacts made of bell metal made by Dhokra art can be purchased from this stall. Under this scheme, local artisans will sell their own products.


According to South East Central Railway, this scheme will help the local products of Chhattisgarh to get their global recognition. Small and middle class enterprises will get a boost from this scheme and along with employment generation, the income of productive farmer brothers, workers, handicrafts etc. will also increase. One Station-One Product Concept will boost the country’s economy as well as encourage “Make in India” innovation


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