Inauguration of development and beautification of Kaushalya Mata temple complex on October 7

Inauguration of development and beautification of Kaushalya Mata temple complex on October 7

Chief minister Bhupesh Baghel will inaugurate the renovation and beautification
works of Kaushalya Mata Temple under the ambitious Ram Van Gaman Tourism
Circuit Development Project of Chhattisgarh Government on the first day of
Shardiya Navratri i.e. on October 7.

October 7 and October 9, a grand program of discourse and bhajan evening will
be held in the temple premises, courtesy of the tourism board. Local Manas
Mandalis will also get an opportunity to participate in the discourses and
Bhajan programmes. This decision was taken in a meeting chaired by Chief
Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel at his residence office regarding the renovation of
Kaushalya Mata temple, development of the complex, and preparations for the
inauguration of beautification works.

minister Bhupesh Baghel directed the officials to extend the duration of the
programme to be organized in the temple premises from one to three days, to
prepare a roadmap for organizing this programme, and to ensure participation of
eminent discourses and bhajan singers in the event. He said that while
organizing this program, local Ramayana and Manas Mandalis should be given the opportunity to perform during the day and in the evening; performances of
renowned discourses and bhajan singers should be scheduled.

the meeting, tourism secretary Anbalagan P informed that the first and second
phases of Kaushalya Mata temple renovation and beautification have been
completed. Besides the deepening and beautification of the pond, a 5-metre wide
new bridge has also been built. Four kiosks have been built on the front side
of the temple, from where the visitors can visit and worship in the temple. A
magnificent entrance gate has also been built at the temple. Besides, 51-feet
high statue of Lord Shri Ram has been erected here. Temple premise has been
adorned with landscaping and VIP lounge.

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