Home Department issues guidelines for Demonstrations or Procession in Chhattisgarh.

Home Department issues guidelines for Demonstrations or Procession in Chhattisgarh.

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In the last 24 hours in Raipur, two major movements were almost put to an end. The Police team and district administration, taking strict action, stopped the movement of electricity contract workers and farmers going on in Nava Raipur. Now the Home Department has also issued an order in the entire state. The department has issued a guideline regarding programs like dharnas, private, public programs, religious, political programs, processions, rallies, and hunger strikes.

The Home Department has directed all the collectors and SPs of the state. All public agitations, dharna demonstrations, and political programs need permission from the district administration. Subrata Sahu, Additional Chief Secretary, Home Department, has said in his order that many organizations organize rallies, dharna, and demonstration procession without approval. After getting permission, you change the design of your programs. Due to this, the people suffer, roads get blocked, and there is a possibility of law and order deteriorating. For this reason, the department has issued the guideline.

Now, before organizing any public program such as a demonstration, or rally, a form has to be filled out and submitted to the collector’s office. The concerned party can get this form from the SDM office while applying. In this, the organizer will have to give complete information. After this, it depends on the district administration whether it will give approval or not. If the program is organized without prior consent, an FIR will be lodged against the organizers.


  • The district administration and police will cooperate fully.

  • During the dharna or rally, the road system and law and order will have to be maintained peacefully.

  • Vehicles will be parked at designated places only.

  • No weapons of any kind or intoxicants are permitted in the procession.

  • No hate speech.

  • The organizers must follow traffic and safety rules for the convenience of the general public.

  • The entire event will be video graphed, which will have to be submitted to the SDM office within two days of the procession.

  • The use of loudspeakers must be in moderation.

  • No one can be pressured to join or continue with the movement.

  • The movement has to end on time.

  • Organizers will have to keep their volunteers who will cooperate with the police and district administration.

  • The organizers must ensure food, water and medical facilities for people attending the event.

  • No animals or birds will be used in the event.

  • There will be no use of sticks, sticks or guns.

  • The police engaged in making arrangements will not be able to misbehave with the government employees of the district administration.

  • There will be no damage to public or private property.

  • Applicants of the organizing committee will be personally liable if any violation occurs against them.

  • If the event is held on private land, the organizers must obtain a NOC from the person concerned.

  • People participating in the program will have to give information before using traditional recognized weapons like sticks, swords, tridents, spears, flags, etc.

  • The name, addresses, and mobile numbers of the at least ten main people, of the event, must be given.

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