Health Minister TS Singhdeo appeals to the Union Health Minister for Ukranian Students.

Health Minister TS Singhdeo appeals to the Union Health Minister for Ukranian Students.

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Raipur. State Health Minister TS Singhdeo wrote a letter to Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on the subject of further education of medical students studying in Ukraine. He wrote that due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the situation there has become very serious. Students of Indian origin studying medicine in Ukraine are returning to their homeland. He is worried about the future of medical students of other states including Chhattisgarh returning to India in large numbers. In the present scenario, the status of the end of the war in Ukraine and normalcy after that is uncertain. Parents and guardians of students in Ukraine spending their hard earned money for medical education are very concerned about the future and further education of their children. 

In this letter, the Health Minister further wrote that the medical students returning to India due to the Ukraine crisis were studying in different parts, they all have different conditions, but due to this dire situation, the future of all those students is uncertain. Therefore, we should think seriously about all those students. Keeping his personal view, the Health Minister TS Singhdeo further wrote that students in Ukraine for medical education would be happy if they were accommodated in all the medical colleges of the country according to a prescribed procedure. At present, there is a provision of screening test for the registration of Indian students who have completed their medical education from Ukraine and other countries. Similarly, considering this as a special case, the government should adopt a method to allot additional seats in the medical colleges of the country after evaluation.

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