Health Minister T S Singhdeo inaugurated new equipment at an Eye Clinic.

Health Minister T S Singhdeo inaugurated new equipment at an Eye Clinic.

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Five new and modern pieces of equipment have been installed in the Regional Eye Research Center cum Ophthalmology Department located at Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and its affiliated Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Hospital, Raipur. Health Minister TS Singhdeo inaugurated these devices on Thursday. Due to this the capacity of the Ophthalmology Department has increased. Now the treatment of complex diseases of the eye will be easy.

Officials said, apart from treatment, these devices will also benefit the education of medical students. Diseases like diabetes, blood pressure etc. can be treated through the green laser installed here. The patient’s record can be preserved by taking a photo of the back screen from the fundus camera, which will be beneficial in the follow-up.

At the same time, slit lamp imaging will provide detailed information about diseases of the front part of the eye. This will improve the patient’s treatment. Also, you will be able to preserve detailed reports from imaging. With the help of the new operating microscope, patients will get more benefits in various eye operations.

Health Minister TS Singhdev, who reached Ambedkar Hospital for the inauguration, met people who got cataract operations done there. During this, he inquired about the well being of the patients. There he was presented with black glasses.

Health Minister TS Singhdeo also visited the proposed Mother-Child Hospital building under the expansion of Medical College and the proposed New Boys Hostel near Sickle Cell Institute. He interacted with medical students and played cricket with them for some time.

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