Free and unbiased media empowers Democracy: Om Birla

Free and unbiased media empowers Democracy: Om Birla

Raipur: Inaugurating the academic session 2021-22 of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) through online medium on Monday, Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla advised the students of journalism and mass communication to create news based on facts and spread positive and constructive messages around the world with their reporting.

He said that India is the mother of Democracy and free and unbiased media empowers Democracy. “There is Democracy in our civilization, culture, and ideas. India’s Democracy is the richest in the world. With the help of the Constitution, Indian Democracy has set a journey of development and prosperity. He said that today the whole country is celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Independence. Massive progress is being made in the social and economic fields. The world is aware of our hard work, innovation, determination, and collective strength. The journey of 75 years after Independence, like the history of the freedom movement, is a reflection of the hard work, innovation, and entrepreneurship of Indians”, he said.

He added that media has a big role in awakening social consciousness. Media fixes the accountability of the government and political parties and facilitates bilateral dialogue between governance and administration and the people. Today the scope of journalism is increasing. The reach of the media to the people has increased, but with this, the responsibility of journalists has also increased. It is the responsibility of a journalist to be fearless and outspoken.

Guiding the new students, IIMC director general Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi said that the influence of media in India has increased rapidly in the last two decades. Constant use of media has also increased. Keeping up with the rapidly growing economy, media today has turned into a big industry.

Prof. Dwivedi told the students that the doors of new possibilities are waiting for them in the country but it is up to them to decide whether they want to be part of the problem or the solution. “If your intention is clear and you have devotion towards your duty, then every decision of yours will lead you towards the solution of any problem,” he said.

In the second session of the program, eminent folk singer Malini Awasthi while speaking on the topic ‘Lok Sanskriti and Media’ said that the media has an important role in the preservation and promotion of folk culture because newspapers have made significant efforts to save the folk culture.

On this occasion, IIMC director general Sanjay Dwivedi, Additional Director General Ashish Goyal, Convener of the Orientation Program and Dean (Academic) Prof. Govind Singh, faculty members and students of all the regional centers of IIMC were present.

On Tuesday, the Kerala governor Arif Mohammad Khan, Paralympic medalist  Suhas Yathiraj, Director General of Doordarshan Mayank Agarwal, and Executive Director of Kheti Virasat Mission, Punjab Umendra Dutt interacted with the students.

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