Councillor Sanjana Sharma dies after consuming poison. Editor of a local web portal arrested.

Councillor Sanjana Sharma dies after consuming poison. Editor of a local web portal arrested.

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Raipur. Councillor Sanjana Sharma died by Suicide after consuming poison. Police have arrested Amit Pandey, the editor of a local web portal, in connection. On Friday, he was produced in the court, where the JMFC court has sent Amit Pandey to jail on remand. On the other hand, agitated by this incident, all the councilors and leaders of Congress gathered in Chakradhar Nagar police station. Considering the suicide note of the deceased as the biggest evidence, the police have started investigation. The woman had also shared some information with few Congress leaders on WhatsApp before the suicide, which they are disclosing now.

Giving information to the media, SP Abhishek Meena said that on Thursday, the police had received information that councilor Sanjana Sharma had died after consuming poison, in a hospital. After which the police treated the case as a suicide and investigated her house. They found a suicide note mentioning the name of the editor of a local web portal behind this step and that it was related to him. The woman wrote that the editor was publishing aggressive and fabricated news that were going viral, as well as posts about her on social media. Councillor Sanjana Sharma had also mentioned in her letter to the station in-charge that if she hurts herself in future or something happens to her, then the said journalist of web media will be responsible for that. Based on the same letter, the police have registered a case against Amit Pandey. According to the police, only one name has come to the fore and investigation is on in the matter. The handwriting of the suicide note will be sent for matching. The police are investigating all aspects, and have registered an offense under section 306. The phone call details of the deceased are also being scrutinised.

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