Chhattisgarh school edu dept prepares new setup for teachers

Chhattisgarh school edu dept prepares new setup for teachers

Raipur: Chhattisgarh School Education Department has prepared a new setup of teachers. Officials said that according to the new setup, if there are less than 220 students in the high school, then there will be only one principal and five teachers and no post of Sanskrit teacher. In a primary school with less than 80 students, only one headmaster and two assistant teachers will be available.

Besides, an additional assistant teacher will be arranged on the increase of 30 students respectively in primary schools. Approval of the posts of one headmaster and 4 teachers has been given in the setup from 6th to 8th in the middle school. If there are less than 30 students in middle school, then there will be no post of headmaster. Wherein 9 posts of lecturer including 1 principal have been sanctioned in the setup of higher secondary classes i.e. class 9th to 12th. If the number of students enrolled in higher secondary classes is less than 220, then a teacher of Sanskrit subject will not be given there. The post of sports teacher in high school is also not there in the new setup.

Meanwhile, Chhattisgarh State Teachers Federation has opposed the set up stating that generally due to non-availability of adequate subject teachers in primary school, a teacher is being given many subjects to teach a class. It hinders the students from developing basic knowledge about the subject. Due to a weak base, the child gets distracted from studies in higher classes. 

School education minister Dr Premsai Singh Tekam said that he will discuss with the officials regarding the new set up and every possible step will be taken for further improvement.

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