Yoga Prana Vidya organises special prayer for peace in Ukraine.

Yoga Prana Vidya organises special prayer for peace in Ukraine.

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The founder of Yoga Prana Vidya is Shree N.J. Reddy. He completed his M.Tech from IIT Delhi. After taking voluntary retirement from the Indian Air force he established Yoga Prana Vidya Organisation. He provides treatment, not only to patients suffering from physical and psychological ailments but also to patients suffering from depression, and many more health related problems with the help of ‘No touch No Drug’ therapy. He also provide Healing to many people and trained many trainers. The main Aim of N. J. Reddy sir is to have atleast one healer in every family.

Main Goal of this organisation is World Peace. Everyday on Facebook, live sessions are conducted 3 times a day to bless mother earth for peace. Group meditations, prayers, purification , healing etc are also performed.

Main purpose of group prayer is to resolve unwanted situation developed due to Ukraine war, with blessings for Divine love, Divine light (knowledge) and Divine power. This is for overall humanity. Special blessings is given to Ukrainian people , politicians and to people having power. According to N.J.Reddy sir when knowledge is spread one can able to understand right and wrong. Human will take decision on the basis of Law of Karma. People will understand the result of war and will think according to the public interest.

Blessings of divine love creats acceptance in humanity. Forgiveness communicates kindness and compassion, so that people understand each other’s needs, help and work for the betterment of all. When there is love, then knowledge will also be used properly.

 With the blessings of divine power, only those who wish to do good in this world will spread good. Without power, knowledge and love will not be used properly. Therefore, for the salvation of all humanity, a balance of love, knowledge and power is necessary in life. Therefore, in this great prayer, the whole of humanity, Ukraine and its allied countries are being blessed with divine love, divine light (knowledge), divine power. Group prayer and meditation are helpful in transforming any kind of negative energy.

In this way, by connecting through Facebook, politicians of Ukraine and Russia, other policy makers, media, soldiers of both countries, people associated with the border area, and by blessing the general public and the countries concerned, we can all serve humanity sitting at home. According to Reddy Sir, energy can be changed by our thoughts and feelings. We can bring change in the individual, family, society, country and world by communicating positive thoughts and feelings.

This special prayer was conducted from Indore on 25th February, from Champaran on 26th and from Raipur on 27th through Facebook. Seeking to the situation it is now continued on Facebook at morning 10:30am and at night 9:00 pm daily. 

Through collective prayer and meditation, we can bring positive changes in the aura and environment of the earth and positive energy is transmitted in the aura and life of the people participating in the meditation.

The larger the group, the faster and larger the energy change will be. Therefore we should participate in this type of prayer and meditation sitting at home. Thus in this covid pandemic, there is service to humanity sitting at home. Not every person can join the army or become a politician, but can contribute by joining the online program.

Article written by;Dr Meena Pinjani

Authorised Trainer and Associated certified healer 

Yoga Prana Vidya Foundation .

Assistant Professor in  Commerce .

Durga College Raipur

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