Union Home Minister Amit Shah promises three Diwalis for Chhattisgarh: One on December 3 and One for Ayodhya Ram Temple”

Raipur Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that a Diwali will be celebrated in Chhattisgarh on December 3 when the BJP wins the elections. Addressing an election rally at Jagdalpur, Shah stated, “The first Diwali will be celebrated on November 12, followed by the second on December 3, which is the date of vote counting. The third Diwali will be celebrated when Ayodhya Ram Temple is built.” Shah continued, “We have to celebrate three Diwalis in Chhattisgarh: the first one, the second Diwali on December 3, 2023, when the lotus government is formed, and the third Diwali when Lord Ram’s temple is built in Ayodhya in January 2024.” Shah addressed a rally in Jagdalpur and Kondagaon on Thursday. Shah attended the nomination filing event of the BJP candidates in Jagdalpur and said, “Bhupesh Baghel came here and lied that the privatization of the Nagarnar Steel Plant is taking place. I am saying here today that there will be no privatization of the Nagarnar Steel Plant. It belongs only to our Bastar people, and no one else has the right.” Bastar used to be a severely Naxal-affected area in the past, and some issues still exist in Chhattisgarh.

Shah stated, “I am coming here to say, once again, establish a lotus government and free the entire Chhattisgarh from the Naxal issue. In the nine years of Modi Ji’s rule, there was a 52% reduction in violent incidents, a 70% decrease in deaths, a 68% decrease in civilian deaths, and a 62% reduction in affected districts and police stations.” He added, “I want to say to the Congress party today, if a Naxal incident happens in Bastar, the police die, the Adivasis die, the Naxals die, and the civilians die, the Adivasis die. They should be protected. In the nine years of Modi Ji, roads were built, gas cylinders were provided, toilets were built. The system of providing five kilograms of rice has been established.” “Bhupesh Baghel opened shops to sell alcohol and was involved in a 2,000 crore scam. In coal transportation, there was a scam of 540 crores, 5,000 crores in grain for the poor, and a scam of 1300 crores in cow dung. I’ve heard about many scams, but I’ve never seen a person eat 1300 crores in cow dung.” “Previously, there used to be 29 thousand crores for tribals. In the Modi government, a budget of 1 lakh 25 thousand crores was allocated for tribals. During the Congress’s time, there were only 90 schools. In the Modi government, it has increased to 740. The recruitment of 40 thousand teachers is also being done in the Modi government.” “The money from Bastar’s minerals is being spent on development work here. Drinking water, education, the development of goshalas, and bringing electricity to every home are all being done under central schemes. Work is being prepared with foreign doctors to ensure that not a single Adivasi brother or sister in India suffers from sickle cell anemia by 2047. The Baghel government did only one thing – sending Chhattisgarh’s money to Delhi’s ‘Darbar’.” “If the BJP comes to power, we will turn corrupt people upside down and punish them. The Baghel government did not even spare the Public Service Commission. Here, the Congress government has no concern for the youth, and the youth had to run naked on the streets. The BJP government is working to send 38 lakh farmers 6 thousand each year. The BJP provided housing for 11 lakh poor people. Once the Kamal government is formed, we will free the entire Chhattisgarh from Naxalism,” he said. “Rahul Gandhi made promises in Kondagaon, swearing by the holy water of the Ganges. Bhupesh Babu, what happened to those promises? He had said that they would halve the electricity bill. He had promised unemployment allowance. Property taxes will be reduced by 50%. They will recruit tribal teachers. They will provide free gas cylinders. The Mahatari Security Honor was not given either. They did not fulfill a single promise.” “It is said that if any party wants to form its government in the state, the key to forming the government lies with Bastar. It becomes easy for any party to form the government in the state when it has control over all 12 assembly seats. Currently, Congress holds the reins on all 12 seats. BJP had to put in a lot of effort to field its candidates on these 12 seats.” “Afterward, 8 new faces have been introduced out of 12, while the defeated candidates have been given a second chance on 4 seats. Among them, only Jagdalpur’s seat is in the general category. In the Konta assembly, the current Congress MLA Kawasi Lakhma is present, who is also a minister in the current government.” “Meanwhile, Mahendra Karma’s fort Dantewada has given BJP’s Chhaviram Atami a chance for the first time. Currently, Devati Karma, the wife of Mahendra Karma, has control of this seat.”

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