Ruckus again in the house over ready to eat meals to private hands, BJP protests.

Ruckus again in the house over ready to eat meals to private hands, BJP protests.

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Raipur. There was a lot of uproar in the assembly during the winter session on ready-to-eat meals on Wednesday. BJP MLAs reached the MLA house and started raising slogans. The Speaker suspended all the BJP MLAs.


The opposition said that thousands of women preparing ready-to-eat meals got work through women self-help groups. Their employment will be snatched away by the government’s decision to put them in private hands. Therefore, there was a commotion in the House due to the protest. BJP demanded a discussion on the matter by giving an adjournment motion.


BJP MLA Shivratan Sharma stated this government’s decision will affect 30 thousand women. They are worried about employment. At the same time, Ajay Chandrakar informed that the Congress manifesto had said that women self-help groups loans would be waived. He questioned whether it is right to deprive women of employment? 


Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ravindra Choubey, on the opposition’s proposal in the assembly, said that we are ready to discuss this matter. At the same time, Asandi accepted the debate on the adjournment motion of the BJP MLAs, and the time was fixed at 3 o’clock.

Here BJP MLAs objected, saying – We are ready for discussion, so the discussion should be conducted now. We accept the challenge of Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ravindra Choubey.

 After Ravindra Choubey agreed to discuss, BJP MLAs started questioning when the discussion was not held immediately. After that, BJP MLAs reached the sanctum sanctorum and shouted slogans. Seeing the uproar and reason for entering the sanctum sanctorum, Asandi suspended the BJP MLAs.

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