Robbery of over Rs 5 crore in pvt bank: Accused fled after stabbing manager in Raigarh

Raipur In a broad daylight robbery which is said to be the biggest ever in the state two persons on a motorcycle targeted Axis Bank on Dhimerapur Road, Raigarh district, making off with more than Rs 5 crore after brutally stabbing the bank’s manager. The incident, which transpired on Tuesday morning, has put the city on high alert, prompting an immediate police response. IG Ajay Yadav from the Bilaspur Range arrived at the scene to lead the investigation. Authorities have established checkpoints along key routes to and from the city in pursuit of the suspects. According to SP Sadanand Kumar, the heist involved a group of 7 to 8 robbers. Initially, some of the culprits conducted surveillance on the area and the bank using a motorcycle, while others later arrived in a car. Surveillance footage captured the suspects on the bank’s CCTV cameras. Following the robbery, the culprits fled on the same motorcycle, abandoning bags filled with the stolen money. Police officers are currently questioning both customers and bank employees to gather more information. The robbery occurred shortly after the bank’s opening at 9 AM, when security personnel were not yet present. The manager was subjected to multiple knife attacks on his legs. After receiving initial medical attention, the manager is now assisting with the investigation, providing details to the DIG and SP. Sources have reported that an abandoned motorcycle was discovered near Kharsia Road, and the police are conducting investigations while questioning individuals in the vicinity. The armed assailants, wearing helmets, entered the bank and targeted an employee with a knife, also resorting to physical assault before being captured by the bank’s surveillance cameras. According to DIG Ramgopal Verma, a forensic team from Bilaspur was reaching to help in the investigation. Multiple police teams, under the guidance of the SP, are conducting parallel inquiries into the incident.

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