Raipur Municipal Corporation sets up unique cafe, food for Plastic.

Raipur Municipal Corporation sets up unique cafe, food for Plastic.

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Raipur. A new initiative is underway in the capital Raipur to make the city plastic free. Under this initiative, folks will get breakfast for plastic. With this, the poor will also be able to get a full breakfast and at the same time the use of plastic in the city and the plastic waste spread here and there will also get cleaned. Raipur Municipal Corporation has started this scheme.

The mayor has said that “the initiative to provide a full breakfast for plastic is unique in itself. This type of experiment is first of its kind. The mayor said that if the experiment is successful, it will be started in many more areas of the city.” Time has come to make the city plastic free.

The mayor also informed that the responsibility of running the food bank has been given to Janhvi Mahila Self Help Group. The mayor informed us that in this food bank, breakfast will be provided by self-help groups at low cost. In lieu of 1 kg of plastic, people will be given Jalebi with two samosas or poha free of cost. According to the mayor, public participation is very necessary to make the city plastic free.

The concept of providing breakfast instead of plastic was first started in Ambikapur. After this, the Raipur Municipal Corporation started this. The people who pick up the garbage will benefit the most from this initiative of the corporation. People who pick up garbage go to the junkyard and give plastic, for which they usually get only 7 or 8 rupees, whereas by bringing here they can fill their stomach in exchange for 1 kg of plastic. Along with this, the mayor also informed that this plastic will not be recycled but it will be destroyed.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Food Cafe, the Mayor informed that “plastic waste is the biggest cause of blockage in the city”. During daily cleaning, 2 to 3 tonnes of plastic waste is generated in the city. Whatever drain is cleaned, the condition of that drain gets undone after 15 days. Due to which the Municipal Corporation has to spend an extra amount for cleaning. Such problems can be reduced once people become aware of creating a plastic free environment.

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