Rahul Gandhi criticizes PM Modi over his relationship with Adani

Raipur Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his relationship with industrialist Adani and central government’s decision-making process. He was addressing a public rally organised to launch the state government’s Gramin Awas Nyay Yojana in Bilaspur on Monday. Rahul Gandhi, the Lok Sabha MP, criticized the close relationship between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and industrialists Adani and Ambani, raising questions about the transparency of their dealings. He remarked, “Modi ji and Adani-Ambani travel together on their private jets, so what is this relationship? “When I asked about this relationship, my membership in the Lok Sabha was canceled.” Gandhi went on to question the decision-making process in the central government, stating, “They don’t run the government of India with MLAs and MPs, they run it with cabinet secretaries. There are 90 secretaries who design the plans. They decide where the money will go.” Before this, during the Housing Justice Conference, Rahul Gandhi and Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel allocated 414 development works worth a total of 669 crores and 69 lakhs to residents. This included the inauguration of 247 works costing 195 crores and 50 lakhs and the dedication of 167 works costing 474 crores and 18 lakhs. Strongly criticizing the central government and Adani, Rahul Gandhi questioned why Adani had been favored in sectors such as defense, airports, and the controversial farm laws. He emphasized that the government is effectively being run by cabinet secretaries who have the authority to decide where funds are allocated. Rahul Gandhi also pointed out that, upon checking the composition of the Modi government, he found that only 5 out of 90 secretaries were from the Scheduled Caste community. He raised questions about whether this proportion accurately reflects the population and suggested that the release of caste census data would shed light on the true demographics. In conclusion, Rahul Gandhi assured the audience that his party keeps its promises and actively works to fulfill them. He expressed gratitude to the people for their support and contributions to the development of Chhattisgarh. The event also featured speeches from Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and other Congress leaders, who highlighted the government’s efforts in various sectors.

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