Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlights BJP’s commitment to Adivasi welfare in Chhattisgarh

Raipur Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public rally of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Surajpur emphasizing the party’s long-standing commitment to Adivasi (indigenous people) welfare. In his speech, Prime Minister Modi contrasted the BJP’s approach with that of the Indian National Congress, highlighting how Congress had historically overlooked Adivasi concerns and their children’s well-being. “Today marks the beginning of the first phase of elections in Chhattisgarh, and the enthusiasm and excitement among voters are palpable,” said Prime Minister Modi, encouraging voters to participate fearlessly. He described the election as a celebration of democracy and an opportunity to shape a new future for Chhattisgarh, emphasizing the need to establish a robust government through widespread voter participation. The Prime Minister shared his perspective through an eight-point speech, emphasizing key achievements and differences between the BJP and Congress: PM Modi pointed out that the BJP had the honor of supporting an Adivasi daughter to become the President of India, despite Congress’s efforts to thwart her ascent. Modi highlighted the BJP’s commitment to Adivasi welfare by increasing the central budget allocation for Adivasi areas fivefold, including the establishment of 501 Adivasi model schools to provide quality education for Adivasi children. The Prime Minister stressed his commitment to ensuring that doctors and engineers can study in their own language, benefiting children from underprivileged backgrounds. PM Modi criticized Congress, pointing out that whenever the party came to power, there was an upsurge in terrorism and Naxal activities across the country. Modi raised concerns about the growing issues of human trafficking and drug trade in Surguja, urging the need for stronger law enforcement and security. The Prime Minister expressed concern over the increasing practice of booth capturing for votes and the unlawful acquisition of Adivasi land. Modi emphasized his own experiences with poverty, particularly during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, when he resolved to work tirelessly to protect the country. PM Modi announced a significant welfare measure, stating that 80 crore impoverished individuals were currently receiving free rations and that this program would continue for the next five years, up to 2028. During his address, Prime Minister Modi also called upon the audience to show their support by using mobile flashlights, highlighting the importance of citizen participation in the democratic process. The speech reflected the BJP’s commitment to Adivasi welfare and its determination to address critical issues affecting the region.

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