Major breakthrough for Chhattisgarh police: Notorious robber arrested after spate of crimes

BilaspurIn a major breakthrough, a joint operation conducted by the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) and the Civil Lines Police Station in Bilaspur has resulted in the successful capture of Lokesh Shrivastav, a notorious criminal evading arrest for a series of seven robberies in the Smritinagar police station area of Durg district.With the assistance of local police from Durg and Raipur, the dedicated team managed to apprehend Shrivastav, who had been a fugitive from justice. The operation yielded a substantial recovery of stolen goods valued at Rs 12.50 lakh, linked to various cases in Bilaspur. Even more astonishingly, the police also recovered jewelry worth crores of rupees, which had been reported stolen in a high-profile theft case in Delhi’s Jungpura just a few days earlier. The swift response of the Delhi Police upon receiving information played a pivotal role in this achievement.The Bilaspur Police have already arrested Shrivastava’s accomplice, Shiva Chandravanshi, from Kawardha. This arrest led to the recovery of additional stolen goods, including valuable jewelry, amounting to a total of Rs 23 lakh.During the Jungpura incident, Shrivastav had managed to evade the authorities by escaping through a window. However, relentless police efforts finally led to his capture, bringing an end to his reign of terror.Currently, the accused, along with all the confiscated property, are under the jurisdiction of the Bilaspur Police. An extensive investigation is now underway, with the possibility of uncovering further revelations about the criminal activities of these individuals. Notably, the Delhi Police are actively collaborating with their counterparts in Bilaspur to ensure a comprehensive and thorough inquiry into this matter.

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