BJP’s second list for Chhattisgarh assembly election likely on Raksha Bandhan

Raipur Khushwant Das, son of religious leader Baladas of the Satnami community, and Anil Nirala, both of whom have joined the BJP, are likely candidates in the assembly elections due in Chhattisgarh in November. Khushwant Das has already presented his candidacy from Arrah. The Chhattisgarh BJP has already announced its candidates for 21 seats. The second list might also be released, which could include names for 28 to 30 seats. All of these seats had witnessed the previous opposition suffering a defeat with more than 20,000 votes. It is likely that the announcement of candidates’ names will be made around Raksha Bandhan. In a meeting of the election committee held on Monday at the BJP state office, discussions were held regarding the names for the remaining seats. State in-charge Om Mathur mentioned that the second list would be released soon. Previously, the party had finalized 54 names, where the opposition had suffered a major defeat last time. The first candidates for these seats are being declared according to this formula. In this way, the first 21 seats were declared. It is being assumed that those recently brought into the BJP will be given tickets. IAS Neelkanth Tekam is also among them. The party can field him from Keshkal. Similarly, Anil Nirala, who joined as a member along with hundreds of workers in Sitapur, has a high chance of receiving a ticket. Baladas, the religious leader of the Satnami community, is demanding a ticket for his son Khushwant Das and the party might give him a ticket. The party seems inclined to give a ticket to a member of the Sindhi community from Raipur North. There are several names for this. Amar Parwani, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, is a prominent name. However, it is said that he does not want to contest from BJP. Therefore, former MLA Shrichand Sundrani is still in line. Along with them, BJP’s media in-charge Amit Chimnani and Lalit Jaysingh are also active. Despite these strong names, the most talked-about name from the Sindhi community is Uday Shadani, the son of Shadani Darbar’s chief Yudhishthir Lal. According to party sources, if Uday Shadani contests the elections, the Sindhi community will unite for the election, otherwise, the votes will be divided. Considering the claim of the Sindhi community in North, Sanjay Shrivastav and Rajeev Agrawal might turn towards the rural side. However, Amit Sahu’s name is already in discussions here. \Raipur North will affect Sindhi community, Bilaspur’s math will be difficult From Bilaspur, Amar Agrawal is the strongest candidate. He has been a minister for 15 years and an MLA for 20 years. It is said that the party has given him two options, Kota and Bilaspur. But this also depends on the equations of Raipur North. Actually, Dr Lalit Makhija from Bilaspur is also a strong candidate, who belongs to the Sindhi community. The party believes that for now, one candidate should be given from the Sindhi community. So if the Sindhi community gets a ticket from Raipur North, Amar Agrawal will contest from Bilaspur. If the Sindhi community in Raipur North does not get a ticket, then Lalit Makhija’s chances will increase in Bilaspur. In this situation, Amar Agrawal can be asked to prepare for Kota. \Single name in the south, trouble in the west It is said that there is only a single name panel in the south. From here, there is only one, Brjmohan Agrawal, while in the west, along with Rajesh Munat, there are also names of Ashu Chandravanshi and Meenal Choubey. However, it is also rumored that Rajesh Munat could also be given the option of rural.

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