Amit Shah: ‘Only a tip of the iceberg in the liquor scam worth 2,100 crore,’ ‘CM Bhupesh Baghel is worried that jailed individuals may not reveal names’ Congress counters

Raipur Union Home Minister Amit Shah has released a booklet leveling allegations against Congress government in Chhattisgarh. The booklet featured a cartoon in which several individuals are depicted wearing medals on their uniforms. The names “Dhebar, Bhatia, Koshyadhyaksh, Sameer, Shukla, Tuteja, Hussain, and Maheshwari” are written on these uniforms. Shah has referred to the 2,100 crore rupee liquor scam as just the tip of the iceberg. According to him, corruption is much more rampant. Several prominent BJP leaders were present at the event held at Deendayal Auditorium. The BJP had announced the formation of an allegation letter committee on July 9. The committee included convener Ajay Chandrakar, co-convener OP Choudhary, and Prem Prakash Pandey. The allegation letter focuses on corruption and criticism of the government’s failures. Shah alleged that the promises made but not kept, mentioning issues like market tax, contractual appointments, light metro, world-class schools, Chhattisgarh Seva Gram, James and Jewelry Park, and Reeva Rural Industrial Park.

316 promises were made, but the government failed to fulfill even 36 major promises. The government is taking credit for supporting farmers, but many promises, including loan waivers and doubling irrigation capacity, remain unfulfilled. Allegations of corruption are made against the government, including the urea scam, rice scam, liquor scam, PDS scam, and DMF scams. Tendupatta purchase reduced by 1,000 crores.

He said that 1.6 million poor people did not receive houses in Chhattisgarh because of the chief minister’s stubborn stand. He accused state government of exploitation of tribals and promoting conversion in the state. Shah accused the state government of deceiving the public in the name of liquor ban. He alleged that the state government has committed a Rs 600 crore PDS scam and indulged in nepotism in recruitment. Gambling is being promoted in Chhattisgarh by this government, he said. Another scam in the form of coal and commission involving thousands of crores surfaced in Congress government following which ED seized assets of many officials and leaders.

Shah appealed to remove the corrupt government. All the promises in the manifesto are false. Corruption and crime have gone rampant in the state. 600 crore rice, 500 crore coal, and 2000 crore liquor scams have taken place. “We will uproot the government that protects gambling and betting,” said former chief minister Dr Raman Singh. The allegation letter is a small document. The Congress is a government that steals its own revenue. This government did not spend even 1 rupee during the corona pandemic. This is the first government that provides protection to the mafia. Target killings are happening ,said Ajay Chandrakar As soon as the BJP’s allegation letter came out, the Congress responded with a counterattack. Sushil Anand Shukla, the head of the Congress Communication Department, said that the BJP, which is itself involved in a 1 lakh crore commission scam, is making false allegations. He said that the BJP’s allegation letter is a conspiracy to defame Chhattisgarh. He stated that the BJP does not have any face in front of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. There is no issue that can overshadow the government’s welfare schemes. Every section of the state is prosperous under the Bhupesh government.

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