Raipur has become a hot-spot for swine flu.

Dispatch News.
The spread of swine flu in the state has now reached the State Police Training Academy. Five DSPs in this area have swine flu. After which, they have been sent home. According to data released by the Raipur CMHO on Tuesday, eight new cases have been reported. Five of the cases came from the State Police Training Academy. Five DSPs undergoing training here have been diagnosed with swine flu. Because of the infection, the institute has cancelled classes for the time being.
A total of 21 people were sampled here. There are five confirmed cases of Swine flu. The number of people infected with swine flu in the capital has risen to 140. There are currently 68 active patients. Raipur is quickly becoming a swine flu hotspot in the state. Four people have also died because of swine flu.

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