Mukhyamantri Dai Didi Clinic: Free treatment provided to more than 1.18 lakh women

Raipur: In a bid to ensure healthcare facilities of medical checkups, diagnosis and free medicines among the women hailing from urban slums of the state, the initiative of ‘Dai Didi’ clinic came into existence. About 1592 medical camps have been organized in  Chhattisgarh through ‘Dai Didi’ mobile clinics. Nearly 1.19 lakh women and girls hailing from the poor slums of Raipur, Bilaspur and Bhilai Municipal Corporation areas have been treated through ‘Dai Didi’ camps organized near their slums.

Meanwhile, Mukhyamantri Dai-Didi Clinic Scheme is being operated by the Urban Administration and Development Department of Chhattisgarh Government. Under this scheme, a team of well trained women doctors and medical staff arrives in the Dai-Didi Clinic’s mobile medical unit and provides free treatment to the needy women and girls for various diseases. Lab tests of 20, 826 women were done by these mobile medical units and free medicines were distributed to about 1.13 lakh women. Hard working women living in poor urban slums ,due to their lack of health awareness and unstable financial condition were unable to undergo medical check ups and diagnosis, but with the initiative of ‘Dai Didi’ clinic, women and girls are availing the facility of treatment near their slums through women doctors and medical staff.

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