Life is a precious gift and everybody need to value and protect it; Dr S N Madharia


Neurological Society of India and Federation of Skill Development Organisation organised a traffic awareness programme at Kanger Valley Academy, Raipur. Addressing the students, Dr S N Madharia, Brain and Spine Surgeon, Raipur, said children are very much influenced by the bike stunts done in today’s time, selfies taken carelessly in the pursuit of likes and adventurous activities.

He said that any such game or any other act done by negligence has serious consequences. Similarly, when there is a road accident during driving, the driver and other passers-by have the highest number of head injuries and spine injuries. It is very difficult to save them from these injuries citing some incidents happened recent past.

Satish Thakur, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Traffic Raipur,  informed the students about the traffic signals, sign boards, road marking and traffic rules. He exhorted students to follow all traffic rules. 

Traffic Instructor T K Bhoi, while giving information about the traffic rules as well as the guideline Good Samaritan guidelines issued by the Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India to help the injured persons in road accidents, said if any person is injured or dead in a road accident, then immediately inform the police, in this the person giving that information will not be compelled by the police to disclose his/her information. 

Any injured in a road accident should be taken to the nearest hospital and the doctor will not refer the matter to the police as per guidelines. 

Principal of Kanger Valley Academy, teachers, constable SahdevVerma, Harish Sahu and about 200 students were present in the programme.

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