Bird flu fear looms large following the deaths of over 3500 chickens in the Balod district.

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Raipur. The death of over 3500 chickens in three days at Tiwari Poultry Farm, Ward-16, Dallirajhara, Balod district, has heightened fears of bird flu in Chhattisgarh. A team from the Animal Husbandry Department arrived on the scene and sent the dead chickens for testing. They sent the samples to Raipur for testing.
The department is worried about bird flu. Last year, bird flu first made an appearance in the Balod district. Hundreds of chickens got slaughtered at a chicken farm in the Kusumaksa area. After the deaths of 3700 chickens, the forest department has banned the sale of chickens here. The department has also talked about taking special care of the chickens in the surrounding areas.
According to DK Sihare, deputy director of the animal husbandry department, more than 1500 chickens died on February 2, followed by another 1500 chickens on Sunday. Only after the sample test can anything be said. The Veterinary Department will monitor all the poultry farms in the area.

Since the death of the chickens, there has been a stir among the suppliers, including the department.
According to Surendra Deshmukh, a Poultry Farm Steering Committee member, there was a drop in chicken sales during the first Corona period, and the business was affected. Following the arrival of bird flu last year, the deaths of hundreds of chickens have once again exacerbated their problems. They are currently unable to recover from previous losses, and a new problem has arisen.
Two hundred seventy-four chickens died at GS Poultry Farm in Gidhauli village, Balod district, between January 9 and 11, 2021. On information, the Veterinary Department team reached Bhopal on January 11, 2021, and sent swab samples from five chickens to the laboratory of the National High-Security Institute of Animal Diseases, Bhopal, for examination. The rest of the chickens were safely buried in the village. Later, letters from the Bhopal laboratory confirmed the presence of the H5N8 avian influenza virus in all five samples.
In 2021, 10,000 chickens from Gidhali’s poultry farm were killed and buried after bird flu was confirmed in Balod. The infected poultry farm was sealed. Fifteen people, including the operator and two employees, were alone at home. About 1200 chickens were killed and buried in another poultry form of Gidhali itself.
It is also called the avian influenza virus. The name of the most common bird flu virus is H5N1. It is a dangerous virus that can infect humans and other animals, including birds. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), H5N1 was discovered in 1997. Infection with this virus results in death in 60% of cases.
After infection, this virus remains in the body for a long time. After infection, the virus remains in birds for ten days. It keeps coming out in the form of faeces and saliva. Infection can occur by touching or coming into contact with it.

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