Alan Cumming's Chimp Co-Star Has Gone Missing, And He's Putting Up Money To Find Help Find Him

We never like to hear stories about animals in grave peril. You cannot help but grow an attachment to them, whether it is working with animals one-on-one or watching them on the big screen, like Dolphin Tale telling the tear-jerking story of a boy bonding with an injured dolphin. GoldenEye‘s Alan Cumming can relate to bonding with an animal based on his experiences filming the 1997 film Buddy. His chimp co-star in the film, Tonka, has gone missing, and Cumming is putting up money to help find him. 

It is a sad feeling when you watch a family film with lovable animals only to discover some sad facts about what happened to that particular animal now. According to Variety, Tonka the chimpanzee was last seen at the defunct chimpanzee breeding facility Missouri Primate Foundation in Festus, Missouri. This location was where chimpanzees were bred only to be rented out for movies or parties, or sold to private owners. Alan Cumming has decided to put up a $10,000 reward for anyone who has seen his beloved chimp.

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