NCB catches a girl and her boyfriend with drugs.

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Raipur. Police claimed to have arrested a girl who enjoys drugs and used to do so with her boyfriend and other friends. However, she was apprehended by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) while attempting to smuggle it at Raipur’s Swami Vivekananda Airport. The NCB handed her over to the police for questioning after they found three grams of methamphetamine on her.

The girl, identified as Dipti Rani Bharadwaj, 29, is a resident of Pali, Korba. Her boyfriend, Sandeep Chandrakar, who belongs to the Mahasamund district, used to live here in Raipur, and she used to pay frequent visits. NCB received tips that these two were planning to send the drugs to Goa but got caught at the airport.

The couple planned to send the narcotics via courier to a Goa address. They kept the drugs inside the T-shirts. Both had intended to travel to Goa to party and relax. The parcel was delivered to Maruti Courier in Devendra Nagar, with the drugs concealed inside the T-shirt. During the parcel scanning, the company discovered some suspicious items. Ram Yadav, the company’s legal head in Ahmedabad, emailed the NCB. The team from NCB Indore then arrived in Raipur, led by Sunil Kumar Verma. The parcel was checked, the couple was tracked down, and they were apprehended at the airport. They later turned her over to the Devendra Nagar police.

The drugs discovered here match those seized by the Delhi Police in September. The Delhi Police Special Cell recovered drugs worth Rs 1200 crore and arrested two Afghan nationals during that operation. When questioned, the girl’s boyfriend, Sandeep Chandrakar, told police that the drug was given to him by his Delhi-based friend Manas. Deepti Rani Bharadwaj reserved it in the name of Sandeep with Maruti Courier. The police have impounded his Alto.

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