Eight officers of Korba Police elected Cop of the Month.

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Superintendent of Police Korba Santosh Singh established the Cop of the Month programme to recognise and reward police officers and employees who perform exceptional work in the district each month. Along with the cash reward, good service entry, and testimonials, the selected officers’ photographs will be displayed on the notice boards of all police stations/posts, including the Superintendent of Police’s office, for the entire month.

In October, ASI Imran Khan, Principal Constable Govind Singh, Constable Narendra Patan War, Vipin Kumar Nayak, Rakesh Kumar Jangde, Shailendra Tanwar, Rohit Kumar Ratre, and Amit Kumar Amit got chosen Cop-of-the-Month.

  • ASI Imran Khan for his outstanding work in the recovery of a minor girl.
  •  P.R. Govind Singh for his work in restrictive/minor acts. 
  • Constable Narendra Patanwar got chosen for his excellent work in handling complaints. Constable Vipin Kumar Nayak for his outstanding contribution. Constable Rakesh Jangde for photography in law and order and crime research.
  •  Constable Shailendra Tanwar got recognition for his effective action in Aapkari and the Gambling Act, and Constable Rohit Kumar Ratre for his outstanding contribution to CCTNS work.
  • Amit Kumar has been named Cop-of-the-Month. for his consistent performance and encouragement. Other police officers will be encouraged to do good work if they are rewarded in this manner.

The Superintendent of Police has clearly stated that police officers who work with good behaviour, responsibility, and devotion to the public will always be honoured, and strict action will be taken against officers who behave in an undisciplined manner. Eight officer employees who have done good work in the last month have been honoured with cash rewards and citations. 

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